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YOQI® (pronounced yo chee) is a wellness practice that integrates Yoga and Qigong, according to the seasons and the five elements, to incorporate color, feeling and location while highlighting the Thai Spirit Houses.



Thailand & USA


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A little over two years ago, Marissa Cranfill started making home videos after studying Yoga and Qigong in the Thai Spirit Houses. She began calling the project the Spirit House Connection and loved doing it. It didn’t take long for her to realize there was a void in the market and her videos could help to fill it. She discovered that the videos that were being made seemed to be of poor quality and most were by male instructors. Marisa set out to create high quality videos combining Yoga and Qigong based on the seasons and five elements, highlighting the Spirit Houses of Thailand. She knew to be successful she needed to create content. In two years, she created 50 high quality videos.

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Over seventeen years ago I discovered Qigong as a student in China. Soon after, I combined it with a yoga practice and received amazing results: more sensitivity to energy, deep self-healing and access to nature’s unlimited potential. I call this integration of yoga and qigong, YOQI. Today my greatest joy is in sharing the tools to cultivate our most precious resource - life force energy – for self-healing, vitality, clarity of mind, spiritual fulfillment and a deeper connection to all of nature.

Yondo developers worked with Yoqi to produce a customized website that would interface with the current website she was using for her business. With Yondo, Marissa was able to get the level of resolution she needed to display the high quality videos that she worked diligently to create. Yondo developers also worked with Marisa on creating a video library that gave her the ability to sell her videos using several different options: rental, purchase or a subscription. The feature was a tremendous benefit to her business model. When she realized she was losing customers because of the inability for them to pay with a credit card, Marisa came to the Yondo team for help. After the request, the Yondo developers were able to add the necessary feature.

Marisa, owner of Yoqi, has created a vast video library that she can offer to her clients in many different ways. They are able to sign up for a subscription, rent or buy the video course. Video on Demand has given her the ability to easily expand her business to an international market.

Yondo Offers so many wonderful things that I was looking for. I still haven't found  anything that compare with Yondo because I'm moving into other forms of media like online training programs, Live1-to-1 and webinars, all these things that Yondo offer in one complete platform and also the ability to customize the template to match my website is really cool.

Since partnering with Yondo in September of 2017, Marisa has been able to create an international business with over 4000% growth. She still finds it hard to believe that when she originally created the website with only five videos, she secured 20 subscriptions in the first month. Her plans for continued growth include utilizing several other Yondo features. She is developing an online training program to be made in to video courses and playlists. In addition, she is offering live 1-to-1 sessions for the people who sign up for the online training program. After only one year, Marisa is halfway to her goal of 1,000 subscribers per month.

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