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To draw in an audience for your webinar, you need a landing page that’s professional and appealing to prospects. For some, it can difficult to create a landing page so Yondo has created one for you that’s equipped with everything you need to register new attendees for your online business. Our landing pages have been developed by our in-house professionals to ensure you get the design you need to drive sign-ups.

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With Yondo, you can instantly convert your live Webinars into videos-on-demand with the click of a button. Just record your Webinars and make them available in your Video-On-Demand library. This allows you to maximize your profits by capitalizing multiple times off a single recording.

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Add clickable Call-To-Actions to your live Webinars

Trigger one or multiple Call-To-Actions during your live Webinars. Whether it is in the middle of a live session, at the end or both, you decide which Call-To-Action to display and when to display it.

Easy to build Call-To-Actions

If you’ve got additional content, products or services that you’d like to sell, or just want to send people to a landing page during your live Webinars, the Yondo Call-To-Action feature was built for you! Make your Call-To-Action stand out by adding interesting titles, high-quality images and customizing the text and color of your button.

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