Offer Video Courses, Playlists, Categories on your own website

Video Course & Playlist Builder

Instantly build your own video playlist, courses, categories, and albums. You can add unlimited sections to your playlist and file attachments to each video. You can embed your playlist on any website or use your Yondo hosted pages.

You can easily embed your video courses and playlist on your own website or use your prebuilt Yondo pages. Your customers will never have to leave your website to purchase or view your videos.

Offer Multiple Payment Options for your videos

Sell your video courses and playlists through a one-off payment, monthly subscription, and a timed pay-per-view rental.

Yondo Auto-Return™

Yondo's Auto-Return technology automatically returns your customers to their last viewed location on your playlist and video course.

Attach files to your videos

Attach a file to each of your videos in your video course and playlist. This can be an equipment list, worksheets or even a separate video or audio file that your customers can download. Most standard file types can be attached.

Simple to use Video Course & Playlist Builder

Select a name for your video content that best suits your business

You can select what your video content will be called. Do you have a Video Course? Then you customers will receive an automated email confirming their Video Course purchase.

Easily add your videos from your Yondo Video Vault

Quickly add and remove videos through from your Video Course and Playlists through your Yondo Video Vault. Easily upload multiple videos at one time with the Yondo Video Uploader or use our Dropbox Integration to automatically add your videos in the background. Do you have a large number of videos to upload? Let us add them for you via our Video Uploading Service.

Reorder your videos and add Unlimited Sections to Courses and Playlists

Instantly add unlimited sections to your Video Courses and Playlists. Use Yondo’s simple Drag and Drop technology to reorder our your videos.

Add unlimited sections to your Video Courses and Playlists

Don’t have a website? Immediately start selling your Video Courses from your Yondo Playlist pages

The best part about the Yondo platform is how easy it is to make money. Once your videos have been recorded and uploaded, your part is done! They are available for anyone to access at any time of day, so while you’re sleeping your videos continue to make money for you.

Earn money while you sleep!

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