Thornbury Veterinary Hospital provides medical care for animals throughout Melbourne Australia both in person and online.

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Thornbury Veterinary Hospital is a private veterinary clinic located in Melbourne Australia who have adopted using Telemedicine to help services more pets and owners.


Melbourne, Australia


Veterinary Medicine



Thornbury Veterinary Hospital was established in 2012, by Dr Ashleigh Long and Dr Siena Capp to help serve animals and their owners in Melbourne Australia.  With an amazing team of vets and nurses and  over 40 years experience in small animal medicine between the two, the hospital has been able  to offer a huge range of services to assist pets and pet owners from general health advice to surgeries.  With utmost importance put on the bond between humans and animals, Thornbury Veterinary Hospital knows how illness and behavioral problems can affect the relationship between pets and owners. With the purpose of servicing more owners and helping more animals,  Dr Long and Dr Capp were looking for a way to be more accessible to their clients and to differentiate Thornbury Veterinary Hospital from their competitors by offering Telemedicine Consults. 

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Live 1-To-1 Video Sessions
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Yondo really has helped us to see and support more clients. Our clinic has been extremely busy… we’ve been able to add eight or nine extra consults in a day, and these are people that we would have had to turn away and wouldn’t have been able to help.

Dr Long and Dr Capp decided to team up with Yondo to create a great user experience for their customers by taking advantage of the Yondo Onboarding Package. Through this, Yondo Developers were able to create a Custom Online Store Template to seamlessly match their Yondo store pages to their personal website. Thornbury Veterinary Hospital saw an immediate benefit to being able to not only offer their consults online, but also having every step of their customer journey handled by a single platform. These virtual consults allowed the clinic to service more customers and also to alleviate a huge amount of stress for both the animals they treat and their owners.

With the ability to offer online consultations to their customers, Thornbury Veterinary Hospital has been able to see and treat more pets than ever before. The clinic utilizes the Yondo Book Now Plugin Buttons to make it easy for their customers to select the type of consult they would like to purchase, choose a date and time that is available on the clinics availability calendar, and purchase the telemedicine consult, all in a matter of clicks. Once the customer has booked their session, Yondo sends confirmation and reminder emails to both the clinic and the pet owners, where the consultation can easily be accessed from, ensuring that no appointments are left forgotten.

I love the relationships and the joy you get from working with families and helping their pets get better, because they are part of their families. I have pets that I’ve seen as puppies grow up to be adults and then pass away as very old pets, but to be there to support those families through that entire journey is a real privilege.

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