Tkfit’s main purpose is to help people achieve fitness & wellness by working to achieve their goals.

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TKFit, Tony and Karen Hill, have dedicated their lives to serving others in the area of health & fitness. They have a goal to change the world’s view with the truth concerning wellness one life at a time.




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Tony & Karen Hill of TKFit have been on the international fitness stage for over 20 years. With a combined 50 years of experience in the industry, their successes range from group training sessions with elderly clients, to radio and TV appearances in Turkey, to transformations of Hollywood actors and actresses. It’s this experience and their individual journeys that have allowed them to cultivate a real passion for the health and fitness industry.

With a background in group training and celebrity fitness, the couple broke out in Turkey and created a successful career based on their expertise. In total, they have created three fitness training DVD’s and authored four books. Karen’s focus is primarily on holistic health while Tony’s focus is on physical performance. It’s this partnership that really shaped their unique approach to a health and fitness industry that they believe has become over-commercialized. Their programs focus on tackling the root cause of issues, holistic nutrition and the integration of life coaching to optimize a client’s health – steering clear of any quick fixes.

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We believe in walking in the fire with you and that being strong physically is what you need to have a strong spirit. You can be optimistic but if your body is weak or tired your soul will not survive, and it will go down. You need to be able to control your body and allow it to do what you want at any age; that is priceless.

Yondo developers worked with TKFit to produce a completed website according to their specifications. They also added a whole design to match the current branding, which helped to build their business online. With Yondo, Karen and Tony were able to get the level of resolution they needed to display the high quality videos that they worked diligently to create. Yondo developers also incorporated some of the main Yondo Features such as live 1-to-1 sessions, videos on demand, videos courses etc, in the website matching the design and style of the current branding.

TKFit is focused on a holistic approach to wellness, including nutrition and personal development. The Video on Demand feature allows Tony and Karen Hill to create several video courses to supplement the 1:1 training offered to their clients.

I love that with Yondo, it looks like it’s my platform. That’s my favorite part. When people go to my store it looks like mine. It looks so professional. The customer service has also been excellent. You ask a question, and they respond quickly. Everyone’s been very patient getting me started and talking me through it. Yondo thought about everything. The calendar, the attachments, reminders – it’s awesome. Yondo is amazing. It’s helped us reach audiences worldwide. Yondo has created something that is so us. We love it.

Since partnering with Yondo in September of 2017, Marisa has been able to create an international business with over 300% growth. She still finds it hard to believe that when she originally created the website with only five videos, she secured 20 subscriptions in the first month. Her plans for continued growth include utilizing several other Yondo features. She is developing an online training program to be made in to video courses and playlists. In addition, she is offering live 1-to-1 sessions for the people who sign up for the online training program. After only one year, Marisa is halfway to her goal of 1,000 subscribers per month.

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