Tinn Cann

Tinn Cann is a marketplace platform, bringing together experts and enthusiasts to connect via Live online video consultations.

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Tinn Cann is a marketplace platform, bringing together experts and enthusiasts to connect via Live online video consultations.



Ohio, USA


Expert/Coaching Marketplace


B2C, B2B

Tinn Cann is an Online Expert Marketplace that allows industry and niche interest experts the ability to offer their insights to customers via Live 1-to-1 online video chats. Founder Ryan Frew, started Tinn Cann after the process of meeting with a racing influencer and coach was so unclear and ambiguous, that it stopped him from reaching out.

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Platform Plan for Instant Online Marketplaces
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Live 1-To-1 Video Sessions
I didn't know how much it was going to cost. I didn't know how we were going to organize it or how it was going to take place overall, and all of that ambiguity prevented me from reaching out. It occurred to me that it would be neat if there was a platform where somebody like that could register,  take care of all the background, logistics, and the idea was born there.

When first building the platform, Ryan’s vision for Tinn Cann was a mobile app that would be able to connect experts and fans via online video sessions for coaching and insight.  However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he gained a new sense of urgency to launch his expert marketplace as soon as possible.  Ryan pivoted from developing a  mobile app to moving forward with a web-based, mobile-friendly marketplace platform, which would allow him to expedite his platform launch with a reliable meeting platform to back him. When he found Yondo’s Platform Plan, he quickly requested a demo to learn more about the platform and promptly decided Yondo was the right platform to grow his business with. 
With Yondo, what was originally going to take around 12+ months to develop his own marketplace mobile app, turned into 30 days for a completely white-labeled platform implemented and ready to use.

Yondo Developers worked directly with Tinn Cann to develop an intuitive multi-vendor marketplace solution that allows for both advance Payment and Seller controls to automatically split the payment between the platform and the experts.  The Platform is completely white-labeled based on the brand requirements of Tinn Cann and allows their experts to register to the platform right from their website. 
Once registered the experts gain access to their own dashboard which allows them to set up their Live 1-to-1 listing, pricing, profile, and availability calendar. This gives the Tinn Cann experts plenty of flexibility to offer their live sessions the way they want, at the times they are available. Using a combination of Yondo’s Live 1-to-1 plugins and the platform template pages designed to match the Tinn Cann website, the booking capabilities of the platform were easily integrated with their website as well. 

Yondo Has helped our business tremendously, primarily by speed to market. It means a ton to be live right now and be testing things with experts and to have officially launched. Without Yondo we would not have launched as early as we did.

Tinn Cann makes it easy for coaches and experts that have a unique set of skills, to connect with their fans via Live 1-to-1 Video Sessions. Yondo makes it easy for customers to select their expert of choice, the type of session they are interested in, and a date and time that works for both the host and participant.  Once a booking has been made and the session has been paid for, confirmation and reminder emails are sent to both the customer and the expert to make connecting to their live online video consultation simple.  Another huge advantage of setting the Tinn Cann marketplace up with Yondo was the ability to hold expert sessions right from a web browser. No need for customers or experts to download any extra software!

We've talked to a lot of experts and a lot of users, who have said that they have tried coaching or different experiences, through Zoom or Teams or Skype or all these other big video platforms that are out there. And there are so many of them that logistically it becomes a challenge because you're downloading these huge apps to your desktop and just dealing with a bunch of hurdles. Instead of having just a link to make this work in a browser has been really huge for us.

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