AAC LIve was acquired by a NASDAQ listed company within 12-months of launching. 

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AAC Live is a tele-health platform that connects a network of AT and AAC specialists to families, schools, and stakeholders who rely on assistive technology to communicate.




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In 2016, AAC Live launched with a network of experts and professionals dedicated to solving some of the biggest problems in the assistive technology and AAC (alternative & augmentative communication) industries. Millions of people with speech-related disabilities rely on hardware and software devices to communicate every day; at home, at work and in the classroom. Co-founders Nick Cook and James O’Donnell learned from personal experience that although a speech device is an important piece of the communication puzzle, it only functions as well as the support team and implementation strategy that enable it. They set out to build a network of professionals who consult with families and schools on AT implementation, technical support and user training.

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We needed a video platform, a booking and payment system and a website building framework that could easily be white-labeled to fit our brand identity. I found a few great tools to help solve pieces of the puzzle but it became increasingly difficult to integrate everything in a way that provided a secure and reliable user experience. Yondo offered an answer to all of our problems at once. — Nick Cook, CTO.

Yondo developers worked directly with the AAC Live to create a responsive website, profile pages and booking calendars for each professional. We created a custom dashboard for professionals to set availability, create consultation sessions and track user statistics. Yondo also built a custom listing feature for the website that users filter through to find professionals based on location, software expertise, type of service and more. Yondo followed AAC Live’s brand identity guidelines to create digital assets on the website that integrated seamlessly with the existing content.

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In addition to the features that come standard with Yondo’s platform plan, the development team built out a search feature for the professional listing page that includes a new layout of professional profiles and a filter tool that allows users to focus their search using different parameters: profession, software expertise, services offered, demographics served, etc. On the backend, professionals are able to check off boxes for all of the qualifications they meet so they appear in the appropriate search filters.

It’s so important for our users to be able to quickly identify a handful of professionals who have specific knowledge regarding the unique set of problems each AAC user faces throughout his or her lifetime. All of our professionals are excellent at what they do, but not every professional is best suited for each particular client. Offering clients and professionals that perfect match is a massive value add. — Lucas Steuber, Professional Recruitment.

With Yondo’s HIPAA-compliant 1-to-1 video platform, AAC Live professionals are able to deliver device training and troubleshooting with lower cost and higher efficiency. Yondo’s built-in screen sharing tool integrates with third-party software to connect iOS, Android and other devices. This enables professionals to troubleshoot client devices and provide software training in real time.

Yondo’s platform plan provided a seamless and secure user experience from the onset, which was critical in recruiting the top industry professionals to join the network. AAC Live has since merged with one of the biggest assistive technology companies in the industry to provide its customers with Yondo’s video-conference solutions. AAC Live is changing the way families and schools receive training and support for their assistive technology needs and it will continue to rely on Yondo to be an industry innovator.

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