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Get your own marketplace today - no development needed.

Why choose Yondo

Yondo is the best software platform for running an online marketplace. We power marketplaces in over 100 countries for forward-thinking businesses.

Scale with ease

Use a reliable system that allows you to scale thousands of vendors or product offerings instantly.

No development needed

Eliminate the lengthy and costly development and production – we already did that for you.

365 days support

We are here to support your marketplace 365 days a year.

No development needed

Yondo eliminates lengthy and costly development and production. We’ve already done all the testing and development for you, and we’re here to support your marketplace 365 days a year.

“Entrepreneurship is all about connecting and community building, and Yondo’s amazing platform is allowing us to do just that for our readers in a streamlined, extremely user-friendly way”

Bill Shaw

President of Entrepreneur Media

Start your online marketplace

Yondo makes it easy to start a single functionality marketplace with live online experts or video on demand. You also can combine multiple functionalities to sell video and audio within the same marketplace.

Live 1:1 sessions

Start a live online expert, consultant or instructor marketplace with an automatic payment split system leaving you time to run your business and not dealing with accounting nightmares.

Audio on demand

Launch your own audio on demand marketplace with unlimited podcasts on demand and audio courses with unlimited listening.

Video on demand

Launch your own video on demand marketplace with Unlimited Videos On Demand and Video Courses with unlimited viewing.

Digital Products

Start your own multi-vendor digital products marketplace. Your vendors can sell downloadable digital files like ebooks, documents, and graphics, etc.

Seller controls

Get full control over what each of your sellers can offer in your marketplace.

Payment controls

You decide what each seller’s revenue percentage will be for each sale on your marketplace.

White label

Easily adjust the branding of your marketplace to match your brand.


You can fully customize your marketplace to fit your integrations and specific needs.

Integrate with your existing platform

Yondo provides over 30 integrations or can add almost any custom integration your marketplace requires.

Accept payments and automatically dispurse to you and your vendors

You will instantly be able to accept payments from over 130 countries through Stripe. You also can set up a percentage of the funds from all live 1:1 sessions you want to retain from your vendors and after each purchase payments are automatically made into your bank account and your vendor’s bank account based on the percentages that you set.

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