Integrate Yondo Into Your Website

Yondo functionality can easily integrate with your website. On this page we show you the various ways you can add videos on demand, a booking calendar and registration form to your website.

How Yondo works

Offer Live 1-to-1s, Videos, and Webinars Right From Your Website.

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You can easily attach the main functionality of the Yondo system to your website with your choice of Yondo plugins, embed codes, and website integrations.  Whether you are adding videos to sell directly from your fitness website, webinar registration forms with up to 1000 attendees to your consulting site, or a Live 1-to-1 booking calendar on your tutoring site, Yondo let’s you choose how and where you want your offerings to appear online.

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Free Professionally Designed Template Pages

Yondo offers free professionally designed template pages that will host all of your Videos, Webinars and Live 1-to-1 sessions. These pages can simply be linked on your website via your website menu and hyperlinks within your pages. Taking this one step further, you can even add your own personal domain or subdomain to your Yondo hosted pages through our Domain Alias function. Here are some guides to help you setup your domain and can also be found on our Domain Setup support page.

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Customize Your Yondo Hosted Template

Some businesses prefer a more unique template design to standout from the crowd or match seamlessly with their websites. Yondo allows you to create your own custom template through our developer access so you can style your Yondo hosted pages to your own specifications. However, if you need help with the customization, Let us know! Our team can customize your template design through our Onboarding Package, according to your specific requirements, branding, target audience, or type of activity. Our team will closely collaborate with you to create a professional, intuitive design that you and your customers will love.

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Add Videos and Video Courses on Your Website With Embed Codes

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Integrate your Yondo account with your personal site by embedding videos and video courses into your pages with our 'Get embed code' function. Simply copy and paste your video’s embed code wherever you would like the video to appear on your pages. Your videos will have all of the same functionality they would in your Yondo pages including the ability to offer your videos, video courses and playlists for sale.  To learn how to add videos to your website, please refer to our support guide on How to Embed a Video on Demand into Your Website

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Place Live 1-to-1 Book Now Buttons Anywhere You Like

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Booking Live 1-to-1 sessions will be easier than ever with Yondo’s internationally mapped booking calendar. When a customer clicks on your book now button an overlay will appear enabling your customers to schedule a meeting with you right from your own website. To learn how to add your own "Book Now" button, please refer to our guide on How to Add a Live 1-to-1 'Book Now' Plugin to Your Personal Website  You can also send your booking calendars to your customers via email by sending them a hyperlink or a block of HTML. To learn how to add email widgets, please refer to our guide on How To Book Live 1-To-1 Sessions Via Email?

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Embed Webinar Sign Up Forms Right Into Your Website

Embed webinar registrations

Allow your customers to sign up for your webinars, right from your own website with the ‘Webinar Embed Code’ function. Just copy and paste your webinar signup form code into your website and customers will be able to register their name and email to instantly sign up for your webinar.

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