HNHC is a supportive and informative base for all your horse pursuits. It is a place for learning, self discovery and horse and human communication.

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HNHC is a supportive and informative base for all the horse pursuits. Fran Griffen’s teaching encompasses every aspect of the horse life: handling, problem solving, advanced communication, etc.




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Fran Griffen is a natural horsemanship coach. Also known as horse whispering, the natural horsemanship training method involves cognitive communication rather than physical. Her business – Hunter Natural Horsemanship is located in the pristine Hunter Valley in central New South Wales. Here, she educates horse owners and trainers about how to foster deep connections with their horses. She has worked in the thoroughbred industry and has been a very successful competitor in the sport of eventing as a junior and young rider. Fran studied with the EFA to become a coach in dressage and jumping and in 1986 became an accredited EFA coach. With Hunter Natural Horsemanship Fran Developed a Centre for learning, self discovery and horse and human communication.

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My business is multi-faceted. I help people work with their own horses, understand their horses and build a communication with them. I teach them to communicate in a way that makes their riding more harmonious. I also help people with their personal development using horses as a tool.

Although Fran had developed a successful career from her home-business and realized the importance of her location, she felt that her rural living situation was somewhat limiting for her business. Fran signed-up to Yondo and believes the service has greatly improved the overall operation of her business. It has given her the confidence to grow her business. With Yondo, she is able to develop online courses, perform webinars and offer educational and instructional videos every month by subscription, for rent or purchase.

Fran decided to develop an online classroom and add educational and instructional videos every month for members to access.

 I started with two webinars and they went really well. I then discovered their video-on-demand library where I could create a store and transfer my videos over to deliver them with a professional edge. I loved that I could tie the store beautifully into my website too. I used a lot of Yondo’s custom services. They helped me link my website and upload my videos. It couldn’t have been an easier process for me.

Fran’s main objective when considering an online platform was the reach. She wanted to reach more people and teach them about communication, harmony and how to live well with horses. She felt that she did not have the technical knowledge on her own to make this a reality. Before Yondo, she felt that she was not effectively online. She began with Yondo by hosting just two webinars. When the webinars went well, she expanded to the video-on-demand library where she could create a store and transfer videos over with a professional edge. Yondo was there to support her through the process and has given her the reach she needed to expand from her rural area to an international market.

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