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Instantly build your own fitness website to sell live online classes and fitness videos. Already have a website? Easily add Live Online 1-To-1 Consultations, Group Classes, Fitness Video Courses and Playlists on your website.

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Video On Demand

Offer for free or sell Videos On Demand, Webinars, Group Classes and Live 1-To-1 Online Video Consultations all from one system.

Want to sell your expertise online? With Yondo, you can immediately sell your fitness videos through monthly memberships, timed pay-per-view rentals or one-time purchases. Select from our extensive range beautifully designed templates or have one custom made to your design specifications. You can use your Yondo site by itself, link your website to your Yondo pages, or embed your videos on your own website.

Instantly connect your fitness Video-On-Demand library to your website.

You can fully integrate your Video-On-Demand library with your existing website. Through our template engine, you can completely customize your video on demand pages to match your own website, including your own domain name and branding.

Add your Yondo recorded Webinars/group classes and live 1-To-1 sessions to your video library with a click of a button.

Embed your videos with a simple copy & paste onto your website.

Add unlimited Video Fitness Courses & Playlists to your own website

Build Video Courses and Playlists that can be embedded and sold on your website or your Yondo pages. Now your customers never have to leave your website to purchase and view your entire Video Fitness Courses and Playlists.

Video Courses, Playlists, Categories...

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Yondo Auto-Return™ Technology lets your customers pick up exactly where they left off in the video playlist.

We understand building out a website can be difficult. We’ve taken the stress out of this by providing you with a range of pre-made sophisticated templates, designed by our in-house professionals that can be used as a website or added to your current fitness website. If you can’t find a design you like, you can also have a template custom designed to your specifications.

Don’t have a website for your fitness business? No problem!

Build your online fitness studio using our range of templates

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Drag and drop your fitness video files for an easy upload

Uploading videos to your Fitness Video-On-Demand library is as simple as dragging and dropping them into the upload panel. We also have a Dropbox integration that uploads your videos in the background so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Publish your fitness videos in lighting speed!

Once your fitness videos have been uploaded, simply click publish to make them available to your customers. If you wish to embed the video onto an external page once it’s been published, simply click ‘get embed code’ and copy & paste.

Provide multiple purchase options for your customers

You can choose whether you’d like to sell your videos for a one-off purchase,  timed rental price, or as part of a monthly subscription package and much more. With Yondo, you are fully in charge of your own pricing!

Celebrate your success!

Don’t be penalized for your success! Yondo provides you with a platform to monetize your fitness expertise, so when you sell your content through our platform, you keep 100% of the revenue.

Extend your reach and sales with Call-To-Action's in your fitness videos

If you’ve got additional content or products you’d like to sell, the Yondo Call-To-Action is the ideal feature for you. Display a clickable Call-To-Action in your free fitness videos and link audiences to your additional content, products and services. That might be a paid video in your library or a free e-book to encourage more sign-up’s - the opportunities are limitless!

Make your Call-To-Action’s stand out by adding interesting titles, vibrant images and customizing your button. Then add them to the end of your free fitness videos.

End your Fitness Videos with a sale

Build and embed your clickable Call-To-Action

Create Clickable Video Overlay Call-To-Actions

Incorporate clickable lower third overlays into each of your videos. With the ability direct your customers anywhere you would like, right in the middle of your video, the possibilities are endless.

Your fitness videos can be viewed across all browsers on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Your health & fitness videos will always be available to your viewers across all browsers on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Earn money while you sleep!

The best part about the Yondo platform is how easy it is to make money. Once your fitness videos have been recorded and uploaded, your part is done! They are available for anyone to access at any time of day, so while you’re sleeping your videos continue to make money for you.

Live 1-To-1 Sessions

Instantly start booking Live 1-To-1 Fitness Sessions using our fully integrated templates or with our easy-to-use website plugins

When you’re conducting Live 1-To-1 Sessions, you’ll need a website that reflects the integrity and professionalism of your fitness business. We know this can be a lot of work, so Yondo has designed one for you that’s fully integrated with our best features. Select from our extensive range of beautifully designed templates or have one custom made to your design specifications. You can use your Yondo site by itself or link your website to your Yondo pages.

Your customers can easily book your Live Online Fitness Sessions with times displayed in their timezone.

Accept payments or offer for free!

The Yondo internationally mapped booking calendar is one of our most popular features. Just enter your availability, and a customer can make a booking directly from your calendar. Don’t worry about managing multiple calendars; your Yondo calendar can sync to several calendars including your Google calendar. So if you are unavailable in your personal calendar, your Yondo calendar will display you as unavailable during this time.

Yondo allows you to add all of our great Live 1-To-1 booking plugins onto your website. These plugins are a fantastic way to increase your sales and ensure your customer never leaves your website. Do you have a team of professionals? Let your customers choose from your range of experts. Have a variety of 1-To-1 sessions available? Showcase all of these sessions to your customers using our ‘Book Now’ plugin.

Add individual and team ‘Book Now’ buttons onto your own website.

Enjoy your earnings!

Yondo provides you with a platform to monetize your health and fitness expertise. You set your pricing, and when you sell a Live 1-To-1 Online Fitness Session through our platform, you keep 100% of the revenue.

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At Yondo, we understand that no two clients are the same, and so you need a software that reflects that. That’s why we give you the option to host video calls, phone calls, and in-office bookings. This allows you to have more flexibility with your clients.

Conduct Live 1-To-1 Video, Phone & In-Office Sessions!

Add up to 50 team members and staff to your account. Need more than 50? Ask us about the Yondo Platform plan. Each trainer has their own dashboard and can be given access to their own calendar.

Add more trainers & staff

Record and send your sessions to your customers

Share your screen or document in your live sessions

Add clickable Call-To-Actions in your Live 1-to-1 Online Fitness Classes

Trigger live Call-To-Actions in your 1-To-1 Fitness Sessions

Deliver one or multiple Call-To-Actions during your live 1-to-1 online sessions. Whether it is in the middle of your live session, at the end or both, you decide which Call-To-Action to display and when to display it.

Webinars & Group Classes

Create and offer unlimited Online Group Fitness Classes & Webinars from pre-built landing pages.

To draw in an audience for your online group classes and webinars, you need a landing page that’s professional and appealing to prospects. For some, landing pages can be quite difficult to create so Yondo has created one for you that’s equipped with everything you need to register new attendees for your fitness business. Our landing pages have been developed by our in-house professionals to ensure you get the design you need to drive sign-ups.

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Keep 100% of your revenue

Instantly convert your recorded Webinars into Videos-On-Demand

Host a live session, share your screen or both

With Yondo, you can instantly convert your Online Fitness Group Classes and Webinars into videos-on-demand with the click of a button. Just record your Webinars and make them available in your Video-On-Demand library. This allows you to maximize your profits by capitalizing multiple times off a single recording.

Record your Webinars

Extend your reach and sales with our amazing Call-To-Action Feature

Add clickable Call-To-Actions to your Live Online Group Classes

Trigger one or multiple Call-To-Actions during your live Fitness Group Classes and Webinars. Whether it is in the middle of a live session, at the end or both, you decide which Call-To-Action to display and when to display it.

Have up to 1000 attendees access your Group Classes & Webinars

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