Sell Online Groups Classes, Webinars, Online Videos & Live 1-To-1 Online Consultations

Yondo’s features include Online Video Courses and Playlists, Webinar Recordings, Live clickable Call-To-Actions, Automated Branded Emails, and much more

How Yondo works

Offer your videos via monthly memberships, timed rentals, and one-time purchases.

Yondo's Video-on-Demand feature enables you to decide how you want to sell your content. Offer videos as a subscription package. Perhaps you'd like to offer a single video as a pay-per-view rental. Or maybe offer up a series of consultancy videos, designed to focus on specific topics and sell them as a package. With Yondo, you have the freedom and flexibility to organize your business however you wish.

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Video Courses & Playlists

Instantly build video courses and playlists, and embed them on any website.

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Attachments & Tags

Share files and document as attachments to your videos.

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Set Your Price

Offer video as a monthly membership, pay-per-view, one-off purchase, or free.

Call to action icon

Use a clickable call to action in your video to create sales.

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Automated Emails

Use automated, branded emails for confirmations and reminders.

Embed Your Videos

Place your videos directly on your website and other peoples sites.

Multiple Devices

Your videos can be viewed across a range of devices.

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Your Brand, Your Site

Display your business's branding, on your domain.

Preview Videos

Create preview videos to help sell your videos on demand.

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Dropbox Integration

Use Dropbox for automated video uploads.

Yondo Groups

Sell Live Online Group Sessions

Yondo Groups allow you to see and hear all of your participants during your live online sessions while still offering security and privacy. Your participants have the option to select only to be seen by the presenter and not the other participants. Yondo groups also give you complete freedom on the way you choose to sell your live online classes – you control the price, schedule, and number of spots available.

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Offer Live 1-To-1 Online Consultations & Classes

Live 1-to-1 consultations can be a great way for you to provide more personalized service for your clients, allowing you to build closer relationships with your clients and diversify your range of services. Yondo gives you the ability to sell live 1-to-1 video, phone, and in-office sessions via your own booking calendar and integrated payment gateway.

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No Software for your customers to download

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Set Your Offer

Offer multiple live sessions at different prices and durations.

Record 1-to-1 Sessions

Auto send your clients their live 1-to-1 video session recordings.

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Call-To-Action Panel

Use a clickable call-to-action in your live video sessions.

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Booking Calendar

Booking times are displayed in your clients local time zone.

Live Phone Sessions

Book live phone sessions with your clients.

Automated Emails

Confirmation and reminder emails with your branding.

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Attachments & File Sharing

Share important files and documents with your clients.

In-Office Bookings

Book in-office sessions with your clients

Add Staff & Team Members

Create team members to help manage your online studio.

Screen Sharing & Chat

Share your screen and chat with your audience.

Sell Your Webinars & Online Presentations

Offer Free or Paid Webinars and Group Classes for up to 1000 attendees with your Yondo all-in-one system. The Yondo Webinar system includes live triggered Call-To-Actions, Webinar Recordings to your Video-On-Demand library with just a click of a button, landing pages and much more…

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No Software for your customers to download

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Set Your Price

Make money from your classes or webinars, or provide them for free.

Video, Audio & Chat

Chat with attendees throughout your presentations.

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Call-To-Action Panel

Use a clickable call-to-action in your webinars and group classes.

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Record Your Sessions

Record your sessions and instantly add them to your video library.

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Screen Sharing

Choose to share your screen with your audience.

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Attachments & File Sharing

Share important files and documents with your clients.

Landing Pages

Use your free studio landing pages to help increase sells.

Add Staff & Team Members

Create team members to help manage your Online studio.

Automated Emails

Confirmation and reminder emails with your branding.

Simulated Live Online Events

Live Experience Logo

Record Your Presentation & Play it as Live with Real-Time Communication

Live online sales demos and webinars are dead. Why give a live presentation, when you can pre-record and deliver the perfect presentation as if it were live. Live Experience allows you to hold your presentation on a schedule or play them on demand, with real-time communication from anywhere.

Chat live with your attendees via your Conversation Dashboard

Yondo Live Experience Chat example

Hold and manage conversations with multiple prospects and attendees.

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The Live Experience player is fully customizable

Live Experience presentation

You will be able to customize the look of your Live Experience for your customers.

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Easily embed Registration Forms onto your own website

Live Experience sign up

You can choose to schedule your Experience for A Set Time, On A Schedule, or On Demand.

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Yondo is your full video ecommerce solution, giving you everything you need in one place, for your online business

Payment Gateway

Instantly accept payments from all over the world.

Discount Code Engine

Offer discounts as incentives for customers.

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Your Branding. Your Site

Display your business's branding on your domain.

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Branded System Emails

Automated system emails sent with your branding.

Prebuilt Platforms

Enjoy the simplicity of having a pre-built online platform.

Customer Data

Get to know your clients by analyzing your data.

Template Designs

Choose from Yondo's range of free professional templates.

Custom Checkout Fields

Create checkout fields to learn about your clients.

Single Sign On

Have one sign in for your website and your Yondo platform.

Custom Pages

Create custom pages in both plain text and HTML.

Customer Dashboards

Give your customers their own dashboard.

Yondo Devices

Your live and pre-recorded sessions will be available across all devices

Select a free design that fits your style or make a template that matches your website!

Fitness Online Store Example
Template Example Fitness Live 1-to-1
Template Example Fitness WebinarTemplate Example Fitness Video on DemandTemplate Example Fitness Booking
Template Example Teaching webinarTemplate Example Teaching Video on demandTemplate Example Teaching bookingTemplate Example Teaching Live 1-to-1
Consulting Template Live 1-to-1 page listingsConsulting Template Live 1-to-1 Yondo Live 1-to-1 Medical Page
Consulting Template Video Page
Yondo Webinar Registration PageYondo Medical Video PageYondo Medical Video PageYondo Live 1-to-1 Medical Consultation

Yondo has integrations with the top services to grow your online platform

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