Entrepreneur Media is a premier magazine and media company that aims to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business.

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Entrepreneur Media is a premiere magazine and publishing company that aims to engage entrepreneurs and business owners and connect with them on a personal level.



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Entrepreneur Media is a premiere magazine and publishing company that focuses on providing insights and news to entrepreneurs, managers and business owners. Getting their start back in 1977, Entrepreneur Media publishes 10 magazine editions each year, featuring fantastic pieces such as the Franchise 500 and 35 Under 35. Entrepreneur Media was also one of the first publishing companies to enter the online space, starting Entrepreneur.com in 1996. As a leader in the industry, they offer a myriad of products including books, courses, podcasts, as well as online consultations via Yondo.

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 It was like one of those things where the light switch went on. We're like “oh, this is all we need” When we found your product, we said… Why were we going down this other road that was way more difficult and way more challenging.

With a goal in mind of producing more engaging content and intriguing products, Jake Hudson, the CTO of Entrepreneur Media, and his team began looking for a new way to help business owners and entrepreneurs connect with experts who could give them incredibly personal advice specific to their needs. Originally they began to look at creating an expert marketplace from scratch themselves, but changed their tune after discovering Yondo.

Entrepreneur Media, partnered with Yondo to develop their “Ask an Expert” service. This program lets entrepreneurs and business owners book Live 1-to-1 Video Consultations with experts in a range of fields that can help them grow their business, no matter what stage they are in.

With the ability to offer live online video consultations to entrepreneurs and business owners around the world, Entrepreneur Media has been able to engage their customers in an entirely new way. Entrepreneur Media utilizes the Yondo Book Now Plugin Buttons to make it easy for their customers to select their expert of choice, the type of consultation they are interested in, and a date and time that works for them. Once the customer has booked their session, Yondo sends confirmation and reminder emails to both the entrepreneur and the expert, with a join sessions link to make it easy to jump into their live online video consultation.

We've got around 20 experts now.  I want to see what we can do to get to 500 or 1000.  Those are the kind of the numbers that we're starting to talk about, and we know that the Platform can handle it.

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