Online live cooking classes with Chef Patrice Olivon, one of the most successful and well-known chefs in America.

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Presenting live online streaming cooking classes, Cooking Live is eminently practical and accessible school that gives amateur cooks the professional techniques of a master chef, Chef Patrice Olivon.




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Chef Patrice Olivon, the creator and chef instructor of Cooking Live, is one of the most successful and well-known chefs in America. During his star-studded career of more than 4 decades of culinary experience, he has cooked for the White House, served as Executive Chef at the French Embassy and been a Chef at leading French restaurants in Washington D.C. He’s competed on prize-winning teams on Food Network television shows and appeared in cooking demonstrations at the nation’s top culinary festivals. Chef Patrice established “Cooking Live” to fulfill his dream of making the home chef a better cook. Presenting live online streaming cooking classes, the chef has designed an eminently practical and accessible school that gives amateur cooks the professional techniques of a master chef.

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Live Experience
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I've been a professional chef all of my life. Also, I wanted cooking live to look very professional when it was online. When I found Yondo, the fact that I could post my video libraries and also have videos compressed in 1080 quality, was great for my business. With Yondo, I am able to stream live classes without any problems.

Yondo developers worked directly with Cooking Live to Integrate Yondo with the current website Chef Patrice Olivon was using for his business. With Yondo, Patrice was able to integrate the Yondo features in his on website by embedding register buttons allowing his customers to sign up for live classes. He was also able to build his online classes and video courses using the Yondo store templates. This option gave him the ability to sell his online classes and videos using different options, including: rental, purchase or a subscription.

With the Live Experience feature, Chef Patrice Olivon is able to offer live cooking classes to students from around the world. He can now deliver the perfect presentation and deliver it live with real-time communication. Students can attend the live session and review the recording at a later date as well.

I love Live Experience and the quality of the video. I like the fact that the store is about selling videos on demand. You can have a list of the most watched videos and when the customer signs in, they can also see the others videos. In this way, the customer can click another one because the system allows them to look at the entire library, which is really good.

Yondo’s platform plan provided a seamless and secure user experience from the onset, which was critical in recruiting the top industry professionals to join the network. AAC Live has since merged with one of the biggest assistive technology companies in the industry to provide its customers with Yondo’s video-conference solutions. AAC Live is changing the way families and schools receive training and support for their assistive technology needs and it will continue to rely on Yondo to be an industry innovator.

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