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Offer for free or sell Videos On Demand, Webinars, Group Classes and Live 1-To-1 Online Video Consultations all from one system

When you’re conducting Live 1-To-1 Sessions, you’ll need a website that reflects the integrity and professionalism of your business. We know this can be a lot of work, so Yondo has designed one for you that’s fully integrated with our best features. Select from our extensive range of beautifully designed templates or have one custom made to your design specifications. You can use your Yondo site by itself or link your website to your Yondo pages.

Add individual and team ‘Book Now’ buttons onto your own website

Yondo allows you to add all of our great Live 1-To-1 booking plugins onto your website. These plugins are a fantastic way to increase your sales and ensure your customer never leaves your website. Do you have a team of professionals? Let your customers choose from your range of experts. Have a variety of 1-To-1 sessions available? Showcase all of these sessions to your customers using our ‘Book Now’ plugin.

Your customers can easily book your live sessions with times displayed in their timezone

The Yondo internationally mapped booking calendar is one of our most popular features. Just enter your availability, and a customer can make a booking directly from your calendar. Don’t worry about managing multiple calendars; your Yondo calendar can sync to several calendars including your Google calendar. If you have an appointment in your personal calendar booked outside of Yondo, your Yondo calendar will automatically display you as unavailable during those times time.

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Conduct Live 1-To-1 Video, Phone & In-Office Sessions!

At Yondo, we understand that no two clients are the same, and so you need a software that reflects that. That’s why we give you the option to host video calls, phone calls, and in-office bookings. This allows you to have more flexibility with your clients.

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Add more team members & staff

Add up to 25 team members and staff to your account. Each team member has their own dashboard and can be given access to their own calendar. Need more than 25? Ask us about our Yondo Enterprise Plans.

Add clickable Call-To-Actions in your Live 1-to-1 Online Classes

End your Sessions with a sale!

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Trigger live Call-To-Actions in your 1-To-1 Sessions

Deliver one or multiple Call-To-Actions during your live 1-to-1 online sessions. Whether it is in the middle of your live session, at the end or both, you decide which Call-To-Action to display and when to display it.

Easy to build Call-To-Actions

If you’ve got additional content, products or services that you’d like to sell, or just want to send people to a landing page during your live 1-To-1 sessions, the Yondo Call-To-Action feature was built for you! Make your Call-To-Action stand out by adding interesting titles, high-quality images and customizing the text and color of your button.

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