Tricia Reichert

Tricia Reichert is an Art Instructor that hosts live online art classes through live Group Sessions, webinars, private online sessions, and pre-recorded videos.

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Tricia Reichert is an Art Instructor who hosts live online art classes through live online video Group Classes and pre-recorded Videos on Demand.


California, USA


Arts and Crafts



Tricia Reichert is an Art teacher located in Central California, who has been taught painting, drawing, and sculpting for 20 years. Originally from England, Tricia began her career as a home economics teacher in the UK, though upon moving to the US with her husband, she was given the chance to study and teach her true passion for Art.

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Fortunately, when I came out to California with my husband, I was able to switch over and study what I always wanted to do, which was to teach and learn how to paint and draw.

Tricia Reichert had been regularly teaching her painting and art classes from her studio and also at Cal Poly University when the COVID 19 pandemic hit. Her business completely stopped as she was no longer able to hold live in-person classes and needed to find a way she would be able to continue teaching. Finding an online provider, which would allow her to connect with her students in real-time while also being able to handle the eCommerce aspects of her business was a must.

The Yondo Group Sessions functionality gave Tricia the ability to offer live online video classes with multiple customers at the same time, who can all share their progress throughout the class. Tricia can include up to 8 students in each online class and not only share her video with her students but also see each customer’s video stream. As the host, Tricia also has ultimate control of her session as she can choose whether she wants to her customers be able to share their streams with everyone, with just her as the host, or not at all.

Now I have the opportunity, with the Group Classes, to be able to run more detailed classes rather than just simple demonstrations and paint-along classes as I have been doing… This is more along the lines of the type of class that I would teach at college.

Tricia uses the webinar functionality of Yondo to offer her students live online classes where they can follow along as Tricia teaches her attendees the methods of painting and drawing in a number of different mediums. Yondo Webinars allow her to share her video and audio feed with her students and is completely browser-based, meaning there is no additional software needed for her customers to join her classes

I wanted to be able to teach a class weekly and Yondo gave me the opportunity of doing that. With Yondo I could have unlimited webinars and I could teach them as often as I wanted, I also wanted to be able to keep a record of everything that I did as well, And I wanted to be able to link with the students in a relatively easy way. With Yondo, they don't have to use any extra technology to use Yondo and that was important.

With the ability to offer private online video lessons to her students, Tricia has been able to leverage yet another part of Yondo to add value to her platform and her offerings to her students. The Live 1-to-1 functionality allows her customers to select a date and time that best suits them, based on times that Tricia has made herself available. Once the customer has booked their session, Yondo sends confirmation and reminder emails to both the entrepreneur and the expert, with a join sessions link to make it easy to jump into their live online video consultation.

With the Live 1-to-1s, I have had quite a few students who come weekly to explore different techniques or their own way of painting that style of painting rather than just learning the basics.

Tricia has also been building her own Library of On-Demand Video by turning her Live Online Webinar Class Recordings into Videos On Demand instantly, with the click of a button. Her customers who may have missed the live class are then able to rent her classes any time they like for a short time. Video on Demand also allows Tricia the ability to offer her videos as one-off-purchases and monthly subscriptions on top of the time-based rental option.

My students are available, of course, to rent my videos on Yondo and my students are just beginning to find those and explore those, which is really nice. It's all working out really well right now.

Tricia’s quick action to find a solution ensured that her business would not only survive the COVID-19 Pandemic but thrive with a whole new set of offerings online to provide to her students. She has been wonderfully surprised at the ease she gained a grasp for the system and has been able to utilize each feature to expand her business even further online.  

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